Client Reviews

Good service from sreenivas housing! They helped me find the perfect home within my budget.

MR. R. VENKATACHALAM 2024 - Sai Krishna - B1 Flat, Choolaimedu

Signing a building contract with "sreenivas housing" was the best decision I made. They delivered quality work on time and within budget.

MR. D. DHANAPAL 2024 - Building Contract

Thanks to Sreenivas housing for delivered a high-quality build with beautiful elevation.

MR. CHANDRASEKAR 2023 - Sai Ram Garden

We are more than happy to the proposed residential project with sreenivas housing.

MR. SEKHAR 2023 - Poes Garden

Happy to have our dream home with “Sreenivas Housing”.

Thank you so much Mr. D. Elumalai for all you have done for our home with your best space saving ideas and suggestions. Standard and branded material used for Constructions.

You have an outstanding and professional staff with excellent Service and attentions.

You being homely and friendly Thank you and all the best.

MR. R. RENGACHARI(Flat Owner) 2020 - Sri Raghava - Ulagaram

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent work you have carried out on our new home (A1, Subhadra Nivas).

Thank you for your continuous support and suggestions carried out throughout this journey. We have been delighted with the quality of work and with the reliability of your team. Your team have done an excellent job in each detail on each part of the apartment.

As owner of Shubadra Nivas, A1, Velacherry, we are really happy to be a part of your SREENIVAS HOUSING family, I hope our journey will still be continued until towards the end of time.

I will take this opportunity to specially thank Mr. Bharathi, Mr. Srinath, Mr. Prasanna and Mr. Karthik for accepting me as their family and was free to take all suggestions on this journey.

MR. SUBHADRA NIVAS(Flat Owner) 2020 - Velacherry

I (AnandKumar.R)Purchased an Apartment at Velachery “SubadraNivas” Project. Neat Construction and Good team of Engineers also dedicated office Persons. Overall it was an Fulfilling experience from the date of my first visit to the Site to the date of Registration. The dealings are transparent, flexible and responsible to our expectations. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors as well.

MR. R. ANAND KUMAR 2019 - SubadraNivas

I have booked the A1 Flat in “Raghava” Nanganallur from Sreenivas Housing after seeing their project in Santhome. I contacted Mr. D. Elumalai – the proprietor of the company. He is a very simple man, straightforward and very pleasant to move around with. The staff of the company was also very courteous and responsive. I am confident that the project I’ve booked will be completed competently and I wish Mr.Elumalai and his team success for his future endeavors.

MR.J.SESHADRI 2019 - Sri Raghava - Nanganallur

"It all began when we were on the hunt for the best house. We went around looking for many, but this house was our love, at first sight, It had everything "

MR. MADHAN KUMAR 2017 - Pooja - Virugambakkam

"Neat construction; the Good team of engineers; Dedicated services; Transparent of open to feedbacks. Overall, it was a very fulfilling experience from the date of the first visit to the site to the date of occupying the property. Hopefully, you will continue the spirited service in the maintenance of the flat too..."

MR. SUDARSSAN 2017 - Pooja - Virugambakkam - Flat owner of Virugambakkam POOJA

"My association with Sreenivas Housing Pvt Ltd has been a very satisfying and faithful one. For going into a joint venture agreement for development of my property of had discussions and understanding with a lot of builders and finally choose Sreenivas Housing Pvt Ltd for the reasons are, Honesty and straightforwardness in their approach to the project; Very sincere and down to earth in their dealings; courteous and polite in their behavior; Committed to the specifications as mentioned in the agreement. I wish them all success in their future assignment."

MR. & MRS. MANI IYER 2017 - Pooja - Virugambakkam - (Land Owner)

"Sreenivas housing pvt.ltd. has been in the business for about three decades. Now as a house owner I had the opportunity to deal with them respectively. They always give almost respect and priority to the land owner. I found them very reliable, prompt, honest and trustworthy. Their dealings are transparent, flexible and responsive to our expectations. I wish them all the best for their future and endeavors as well"

MRS. SITA LAKSHMI 2017 - Sastha Vayuputhra - Nanganallur - (Land owner)

"Our experience with Sreenivas Housing Pvt. Ltd. has been very good and quite satisfying. We found them very reliable, prompt, honest and trustworthy. Their dealings were transparent, flexible and responsive to our expectations"

MR. & MRS. RAGHAVAN 2013 - Krishna Sarathy - Chrompet - (Land Owner)

"The association with Sreenivas Housing has been a very fruitful one. All the specifications as explained at the time of construction have came out exactly. It was highly appreciated by the guests who had visited the house. Wishing them success in all their future endeavours"

SAI SHANKAR 2013 - Sai Garden - Shollinganallur

"I had two Joint Venture Projects with Sreenivas Housing. They have completed the construction in time and as per specification to my satisfaction. Their team is quite friendly and honoured my request of minor additional jobs. Wish them success and prosperity and maintain the same spirit with future projects"

VENKATAKUMAR 2012 - Glenn - K.K. Nagar - (Land Owner)

"Sreenivas Housing Pvt Ltd has been in the business for about three decade now as a landowner, I had the opportunity to deal with them recently and can definetly say that they are one of the Reliable and trustworthy builders in the city. They always give almost respect and priority to the landowner and one equal service and responsive to the requests of the clients. They mentionlously stick to the time frame and complete and deliver the project in time. I wish them all the best for their future and endeavours as well"

MR. & MRS. UNNIKRISHNAN 2011 - Arunima - (Land Owner)

"There are many companies which provide good quality of constructions but what makes a truly excellent company is the service they provide to their customer after the purchase was made. I am proudly saying Sreenivas Housing stand behind its quality and service. Sreenivas Housing truly cementing our dreams"

STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER Srinivasam - Madhanandhapuram, Porur
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